Programs / Services:

There are currently eighteen (18) programs and various projects under the Saddle Lake Health Department which include:

  1. Health Administration (Inc. Support Services)
  2. Operations and Maintenance
  3. Public Health Program (ADI & CPNP)
  4. Aboriginal Head Start Program
  5. Eagle Healing Lodge: Has seven (7) programs, as follows:  1) NNADAP; 2) Brighter Futures Initiative, Building Healthy Communities, Solvent Abuse and National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategies) (Includes CREST), Parent Child Outreach Program (PCOP) and Indian Residential School Program (IRS)
  6. Co-ordinated Home Care Program consisting of Home Care and Assisted Living Programs (2)
  7. Referral Program
  8. NIHB Navigator
  9. Cultural Awareness and Safety Worker

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