Eagle Healing Lodge

P.O Box 710

Saddle Lake, AB (T0A 3T0)
Phone: 780-726-3661 — Toll Free: 1-866-726-3660 — Fax: 780-726-3504

Saddle Lake Eagle Healing Lodge is situated on the beautiful shores of the lake (Saddle Lake), approximately 5.5 km Northeast of the complex/townsite.

The following programs have been amalgamated to work out of the Healing Lodge, which are:

  • Counselling Services (N.N.A.D.A.P.)
  • Building Healthy Communities Program
  • Community Wellness Program
  • Brighter Futures Initiative
  • Suicide Prevention Program
  • Living In Native Kindness (F.A.S.D)
Debra Jackson

Debra Jackson


Saddle Lake Health Care Centre
Address: P.O Box 160 Saddle Lake, AB Canada T0A 3T0
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