Assisted Living

Home Support Services
Contact: Reanna Cardinal-Jackson, Assisted Living Program Coordinator
Phone: 780-726-2774 ext. 6206

Assist individuals to live independently by providing required health and support services and by strengthening the support provided by the family and community.

Referrals to the Assisted Living Program are made by the Home Care Nurses, doctors d
Providing all the information is provided:
–    Assisted Living Client Fee Determination (updated manually);
–    Assisted Living Application Form (updated manually);
–    Assessment Form (updated annually);
–    All supporting documentation such as picture ID and other information verifications obtained by the issuing authority;
–    Initial case recording that clearly indicates why the client is eligible for Assisted Living benefits;
–    Needs assessment [Proof of financial need] (i.e.; Income tax assessment, pay stubs, etc.);
–    A Case Plan (for temporary services); and,
–    Effective progress reporting (homemaking records, case notes, time sheets, etc.)

Home Making:
–   Strengthen the family unit in times of crisis; loss of a loved one
–   Emotional support; talk, listen, bond, comfort

Household Management:

–   routine housework;
–   dishwashing, make beds

Laundry / Clothing Care:

–   Washing / drying / folding
–   Pickup and delivery


Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Transportation and Assistance with:
–   Grocery shopping
–   Bank Errands
–   Bill Payments
–   Transportation to and from the Home Care Office for the Senior’s Day Program

Forms Assistance:
–   Income Tax Forms
–   Assured Income for Severely Handicap (AISH)
–   Old Age Security (OAS)
–   Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
–   Senior’s Benefit
–   Special Needs Assistance


Home Adaptations for client safety;
–    Medical Equipment installation
–    Hand rails
–    Polytene installations/ removal
–    Door installation
–    Water Delivery (Only for those who do not have transportation)
–    Lawn and weed cutting, rototilling (some services require a fee)
–    Snow Removal
–    Wood Delivery

Meals on Wheels:
Meals delivered once a day Monday – Friday to a limited number of Active Home Care clients.

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