1.  Matrix Program

The Matrix  Program is an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program and runs for 12 weeks 3 times a week.  The Matrix  Program is geared to helping community members who want to go in a rehabilitation program but do not have to leave the community. The Matrix Program empowers the client  by implementing awareness, education and support  in order to  retain a sober and healthy lifestyle.

Referrals to the Matrix  Programcan be  made from other service agencies such as Child Welfare, Social Services, etc.

The Program runs 3 days a week  beginning at 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Participants are provided with transportation, meals and child care.

The Matrix Program  will be offered on a quarterly basis.


  • Alcohol the Legal Drug; Triggers and cravings;
  • Helping Checklist
  • Boredom
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Sex
  • Avoiding Relapse
  • Twelve Steps and Sponsors
  • Recovery Checklist;
  • Trigger Chart
  • Work and Recovery;
  • Drug and Alcohol Dreams during Recovery
  • Families in Recovery
  • Managing Anger
  • Addictive Behavior;
  • Emotions, and Behaviors;
  • Taking Care of Business and Managing Money;
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Truthfulness
  • Food Handling
  • Meal Planning
  • Goal Setting

Facilitators for the Matrix Program are the NNADAP workers and other professionals  in the community for designated topics.

2. Well-Briety Meetings 

Well-briety meetings are much like a the standard AA meetings.  We offer support in a safe environment every Thursday 7-9 pm at the Healing Lodge.  Transportation is provided, clients must  call in the day off the meeting if they require transportation.

3. Treatment and Detox Referrals 

Clients can call in and make an appointment with any of our 3 NNADAP Workers, there is also a NNADAP worker for Youth as well.  A mininum of 4 visits are required to ensure client is ready for a treatment program. Transporation is provided to clients.

Detox Referrals are done on as needed basis.  Transportation is provided to and from Detox.


  • Counselling Services (NNADAP.)
  • 3 Addictions Counsellors on staff
  • One-on-one counselling
  • Referrals to treatment centres and other agencies
  • Home/hospital visits
  • Helping with Support Groups i.e.  A.A., N.A., Men’s and Women’s Groups
  • Facilitating sessions
  • Family Violence Program
  • Home Visits
  • Provide training initiatives
  • Educate community members of Family Violence Prevention
  • Develop and facilitate Violence Prevention Program with the Jr./Sr. High School students
  • Planning  of community activities such as: annual Cultural Camp, Parent’s Day Out, Family Fun Day
  • Co-facilitate sessions

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