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The Saddle Lake Head Start Program was initially under the Education Department for approximately 5 years. It came under Health last year with some strict requirements. Head Start is not licensed and follows no set guidelines at present, but each Head Start site adopts guidelines form Daycares and the K-4 programs. FNIHB provides 80% of our funding for Head Start with a quota of 60 children – 30 in the a.m and 30 in the p.m.  The re-investment program subsidizes the salary for the janitor/driver. The Brighter Futures Program subsidizes the salary for the Corrdinator. We rely on fund raising and donations to offset some of the cost of activities we have for the children of the Head Stat Program.

To deliver Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programs that include locally controlled and designed early-intervention strategies that instill in First Nations preschool children a positive sense of self and a desire for learning. As a result, the Head Start program provides them with opportunities to develop fully and successfully.

To initiate an interagency approach for the Head Start Program which includes all of the components of the Head Start Initiative.

To allow the children of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation to have a holistic approach to develop to their fullest potential, taking into consideration their physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs. Furthermore to encourage parents, grandparents to fully participate in the Head Start Program.

Descriptive Objectives:

1. To foster the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical growth of the child.

2. To foster a desire in the child for life-long learning.

3. To support parents and guardians as the primary teachers and caregivers of their children, making sure they play a key role in the planning, development, operation, and evaluation of the program.

4. To recognize and support extended families in teaching and caring for children.

5. To ensure that the local Aboriginal community is involved in the  planning, development and operation and evaluation of the program.

6. To ensure that the initiative works and is supported by other community programs and services.

7. To ensure that the human and financial resources are used effectively to produce positive outcomes and experiences for children, parents, families and communities.

Description of services:

  • School Readiness
  • Basic, everyday chores, washing hands, brushing teeth, flushing toilets
  • Learning routine structure
  • Covering certain concepts on Education, Nutrition, Parental Involvement, Culture & Language, Social Supports to Parents, Early Literacy and Music Appreciation

Requirements for Eligibility to Head Start Program:

1. MUST be potty trained

2. MUST be 3 years old before October 31

3. Parents must volunteer 5 hours during the school year

4. Parents are responsible for putting child in van, buckling them in and when child returns home, parents must take them out of the van.


May – One last visit from Dental Therapist

June 7-10 – Head Start Orientation
Parents must register the present student into playschool at this time.

June 15 – Year End Barbeque
For the families of Head Start Students
Penny Carnival

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